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We are storytellers that design experiences


At StarLite, our primary commitment is to prioritize our client's needs and goals while designing unique experiences. StarLite's creative team brings together decades of global experience in tourist attractions, theme parks, water parks and entertainment design. We know that every client and project is unique in its business objectives, project requirements and budgets and that thorough understanding informs our whole design process. We seek to work collaboratively as partners from ideation to beyond realization while supporting you every step of the way 


Our international experience and our team's diverse background make us insightful and respectful of various cultures and customs around the globe. Our aptitude enables us to take your goals and create a strategic vision through an integrated process. StarLite's strategic visioning and expertise permit our team to visualize any scale or scope of a project to create a catered experience. We are here to turn your vision into a design that, once built, will provide stand-out, immersive experiences and lasting memories for your guests and have them come back time and again 

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