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From Ideation to realization

At Starlite, we help write the story you want to tell. With Starlite’s strategic visioning and expert industry experience, we can visualize any scale or scope of the project with an approach catered to you and your goals



eSports Container Concept


At Starlite, our process begins with creating a strong and exciting concept that sets your project apart from the rest. Beginning with ideation, our team builds a solid foundation that propels your vision forward and beyond.


We organize project requirements, targets and tasks, conduct client interviews, site visits, and perform extensive multimedia research. Starlite's iterative and ambitious spirit drives the team's ability to create powerful and unique ideas unlike anything seen before. 


Starlite ensures your vision remains at the forefront by bringing your story to life through experience-oriented design. The next step sees the approved concept getting translated into our schematic design phase. 

Our services include refining planning and program, providing IP creation, iterating concepts in 2D, creating 3D exploration models, creating signage and wayfinding, and so much more.  

eSports Container Schematic Design
eSports Container Design Development


Our team is fully committed to finding creative solutions to the smallest of details. We refine and further develop the necessary drawings to create a comprehensive collection of work for construction packages and installations. 

By the end of this phase, all design specifications are complete. The updated master plans, floorplans, elevations, sections, and detailed drawings are finalized. Through Starlite’s design development, the most creative and out-of this-world ideas become tangible. 


During the realization phase, we ensure the project is compliant with your design intent and operational needs. Starlite understands the importance of proper project execution, which is why we go beyond the typical responsibilities of what is expected from the designer. We offer additional support through art direction and consulting services during construction to guarantee the vision is respected and upheld. We're here every step of the way, from start to finish, and beyond. 

eSports Container Realization

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