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Shijingshan Theme Park Expansion

Project Location:


Scope of Work:

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development

Project Size:

5,000 sm

Design Requirements

- Park needed to fit in an existing structure while creating optimal guest circulation and meeting local code and building regulations
- Required the coordination of multiple attraction suppliers, both local and international, whilst dealing with custom design, colour, logo creation, construction method, and equipment delivery

Our Approach

- Leveraged internal team's robust entertainment design knowledge and experiences while maintaining consistent collaboration with international team
- Harnessed experience in attraction design, manufacturing, and delivery and installation processes to enable us to work seamlessly with our suppliers' teams to ensure timely project completion
- Thoughtful lighting design improved the aesthetic of the existing industrial shell building while minimizing theming and interior design costs
- Project was completed in only eight months after beginning initial concept design

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